"Cutter Marks" or "Masons" Marks are graphic signs and symbols which have been incised on stones of various kind in different times from the Middle Ages to the present time. They can been found on buildings of any kind all over Europe.
In order to create a wide catalogue open to the scientific community, the International Research Center for Local Histories and Cultural Diversities has created a database to collect these marks.
The Center will therefore be grateful to all those reporting to this site any cutter marks observed and identified in Europe. Here you can post digital images (300 KB max) and related information.
The name of the contributors will clearly appear in the data-base.
This international catalogue will allow a multi-level consultation and it should be able to stimulate diverse interests and curiosities (click on Basic Search and Advanced Search to start).
A bibliography on the Cutter Marks is also available in a PDF format.

Download bibliography (pdf)

Project realized thanks to the contribution of:
Fondazione Cariplo

Cutter marks - masons marks
Marcas de cantero
Marques de tcherons
Segni dei lapicidi